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My Dream Business Journal

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My Dream Business Journal was designed to help you gain the clarity and confidence:

You're in the right place if any of this feels relatable:

  • You’re trapped in a soul-crushing 9-5 and hate that you’re putting your precious energy toward someone else’s dream (and yet you keep going because if not this, what else?)
  • You’ve been kicking around several business ideas, but don’t know which one is worth making a commitment to & which will truly light you up (not to mention, fill up your bank account!)
  • You feel stuck in your current career or business but don’t know what move to make next
  • You enjoy what you do, but know something isn’t quite right (read: it’s not your “purpose”)
  • You’re running a business part- or full-time but you’re working too much, working with the wrong clients or can’t seem to make the cash you want to make
  • You daydream about doing only what you want to do, and having tons of space in your days to have a life filled with people & activities you love, too!

* 86 pages
* PDF format
* Digital download, not a physical product

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