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Abundance Journal

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Abundance journaling can help you answer this following question:


  • You never have “enough” money (no matter how much you actually have)
  • You can’t relax when it comes to your finances–you’re always worried the clients are going to dry up or the last client you signed will be your last client ever
  • You’re going to wake up one morning + discover a completely empty bank account and/or all your clients have fired you.
  • Nice and/or luxurious things just “aren’t for you” (or certain things are, but not the things you truly want)
  • You should probably be more practical–because who are you to turn the creative ideas in your head into actual (large amounts of) cash?
  • You can’t create money consistently and will probably always ride the “feast-or-famine” rollercoaster (so better buckle up!)
  • If you do have a high income month, it was “just a fluke” & you doubt whether you can do it again
  • You don’t even know if you want to be rich because rich people means you get to worry about everything except money.
  • Or any other negative emotion about money and abundance?
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